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  • Journaling Prompts for Parts Work
    Parts can be understood as exiles, managers and firefighters. Exiles carry the burden and pain of traumatic memories from the past. Managers work hard to hide and protect the exiles Read more
  • Parts Work (Internal Family Systems)
    Connecting with the parts (our inner children) with curiosity towards them leads to compassion and clarity. Ultimately self love. Re-parenting ourselves.    Most people are familiar with the idea of having an Read more
  • Sound Bath Therapy
    Sound bath therapy is a deeply immersive experience that supports developing the skill of full body listening. The body can feel the vibrations as well as hear the tones. This Read more
  • Ketamine Therapy
    Ketamine assisted therapy is a type of psychotherapy that can assist in improving a number of conditions like depression, anxiety, eating disorders, suicidality, obsessive compulsive disorder and more. Ketamine therapy Read more
  • Neuroaffective Touch
    Neuroaffective Touch is a body-based healing approach, which means I am interested in hearing what your mind has to say as well as what your body has to say. This Read more
  • Somatic Experiencing and Safety
    Read more
  • Self Compassion
    Most of us are experiencing increased stress levels due to financial fears, social isolation and health concerns as a result of COVID-19.  When stress levels are high, our internal resources Read more

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