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Are you tired of feeling stuck? Do you wish you could stop repeating the same mistakes when choosing friends and romantic partners? Do you feel like regular talk therapy has helped you understand why you are the way you are, but hasn't helped you change anything?

The patterns you're experiencing are extremely common, and I'm here to reassure you: You are not self sabotaging. You're just using outdated survival strategies that are no longer working.

Many of my clients report that they struggle with high levels of anxiety, are perfectionists, self-critical, have low self esteem and are extremely sensitive to the energy and moods of others. They are empathic to the point of having difficulty identifying what feelings belong to them versus what feelings belong to others.

My clients are generally highly ambitious, intelligent and successful people who have come to realize that this self-criticism and extreme sensitivity comes at a cost and, if they continue these patterns, they will eventually burn out. Many have had little luck with traditional talk therapy and are looking for someone that can help get them out of their heads and into their bodies.

This is where somatic, or body-based, therapy comes in handy. NeuroAffective Touch and Somatic Experiencing are two somatic therapy techniques that I use to help address the root cause of trauma and the way that it prevents you from living up to your full potential.

NATouch will teach you how to use nurturing self touch to heal trauma and unlock unconscious memories held in the body.

Somatic Experiencing heals trauma and other stress disorders by identifying where you are "stuck" in either a fight, flight, or freeze response. It does this by safely helping you explore memories, beliefs, images, bodily sensations, and movements to help you become "unstuck".

By using mindful approaches like these, you will learn how to track and tolerate body sensations, suppressed emotions and to challenge the root beliefs that keep trauma locked in the mind and body.

Using these somatic therapy techniques and several other tools, we will identify and rewire the coping mechanisms you developed as a child that no longer serve you as an adult. You were created to experience unconditional love and acceptance but unfortunately many of us have been taught instead to not trust ourselves and to be our own worst critic.

My Journey To Healing

While I was studying psychology at UCLA, I tried talk therapy for the first time. I was experiencing anxiety, coupled with panic attacks, and had little sense of confidence or self worth. I found talk therapy to be extremely unhelpful, especially since many of my traumas occurred when I was a young child and I couldn’t understand what was happening. I would often walk away from a talk therapy session feeling frustrated, hopeless and confused. 

Everything changed when I began working with my mentor, Dr. Aline LaPierre. Dr. LaPierre is a Somatic Experiencing practitioner and also the creator of NeuroAffective Touch.   

Experiencing NATouch and Somatic Experiencing for the first time was truly life changing for me. It was such a relief to feel like I didn’t need to come up with all the words to describe my experience, and that my body’s felt sense, combined with the supportive presence of a skilled therapist, could help me begin the journey of discovering the words for the things that had no words. 

Because of the work we did, I was able to graduate Magna Cum Laude from UCLA, while simultaneously beginning the training for becoming a Somatic Experiencing practitioner without burning out or having anymore panic attacks. It also gave me the confidence to pursue a Master’s degree in Clinical Psychology at Antioch University, while also training to become a Neuroaffective Touch practitioner and eventually becoming a Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist (LMFT #123783). I also have a background in massage therapy, so throughout my journey in psychology academia, I always knew that the body could not be left out of the therapeutic process.  

I can say with full confidence and from personal experience that your brain can be rewired. You can live a more meaningful, calm and abundant life, even if right now it feels like things will never change. My approach is nonjudgemental, nurturing, inclusive and LGBTQIA affirmative. 

Many of my clients report that by working with me they have learned how to give themselves the validation and support that was never offered growing up. As a result, they now have a nurturing internal voice, they feel empowered, more connected to their bodies, trust themselves, have clearer boundaries and are better at communicating in relationships. That is why I named my business “A Safe Place Therapy” because together we will create a safe place for you to explore and discover the greatness that you are.

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